My “business plan”

A few days ago I was talking to my very good friend Naomi. We were chatting about her business ideas, how to be productive, challenges, etc. etc.

This resulted in me formulating what is probably the most simple business plan imaginable for my musical ‘success’. So here it is. During the next few years this is the number of Followers / Subscribers / Likes / fans(?) that I’m aiming for across all the music services and sites:

  • Year 1 = 100
  • Year 2 = 1,000
  • Year 3 = 10,000
  • Year 4 = 100,000
  • Year 5 = 1,000,000

The starting point, after writing amazing music of course(!) is the channels that people can listen to the music, and how they can connect with me. So there are:

Listen on Bandcamp
Listen on Apple Music
Listen on Spotify
Listen on Amazon Music
Listen on Deezer
Listen on Shazam
Listen on Audiomack
Listen on YouTube Music
Listen on SoundCloud
Music videos on YouTube
This site