Planets 2022 – Earth

Gustav Holst did not compose a piece for Earth in his amazing The Planets suite. I think largely because he took the theme for each planet from their astrological personalities. I feel quite impudent even trying to reinterpret these great movements, so felt it necessary to add Pluto and Earth to at least contribute something unique myself to this overall work in some small way.

Earth starts with water. Of course it had to, because that’s how life on Earth started also.

I focussed on orchestral instrumentation, with strings and brass taking the main themes.

But I also added the human voice, because this is perhaps the most unique thing about Earth itself, humanity.

Well, I’m sure it doesn’t deserve to site alongside Holst’s Planets in any way. But I think it does fit with my Planets 2022 interpretation, and that’s what I was aiming for.