Love and Hate album cover

New album for 2022 – Love and Hate

So this is now the working title for my new album in 2022.

It’s essentially a progression of the material on the Over album, but I’m aiming for the songwriting and production to be another step up. I’m still learning lots about audio mastering, and of course continuing to improve arrangement and mixing.

I’ve also pretty much worked through all the main aspect of Logic Pro (the Digital Audio Workstation I use for recording), and the native plugins.

So I’ll be investigating 3rd party plugins, likely from Spitfire Audio (primarily for Orchestral instrumentation), and Native Instruments (primarily for retro and vintage instrumentation). Other things I’ll be working to improve are:

  • Lyrics (of course)
  • Vocals (of course)
  • Better and more ‘realistic’ guitars – both arrangements and processing
  • More varied sound canvas (through external plugins)
  • Using Logic Pro and iPad controller in an integrated way
  • More piano – if I can get the keyboard controller I’m after