New song: To You

To You

Lyrics for the song To You, from the album Over.

Trying to capture that feeling when someone doesn’t realise how completely dedicated you are to them, even though they don’t want you now. Maybe you didn’t make it obvious every day. Maybe they could not see or believe it for some reason.

You, you, you,
Always the pain
Forever the same
Again and again
I hurt you
Now I live with the same

Calling to a heart that is cold
Missing holding a hand I can’t hold
Sleeping now is all I wish for
My hear dies so yours can soar
Talking to un-listening ears
Face the ghost that reappears
Feeling sad over unanswered tears
Looking back to misplaced years

I don’t know how you feel
The illusion
Of a life that was real
How we couldn’t talk through
The problems
That only one of us knew

Faster now you speed away
Ripping my heart out day by day
But through this hurt and through this pain
I’d dedicate my life again

To you,
To you,
To you,
To you.

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